stole this from my beloved ami because you know I’m crazy and love to ship everything………it was really hard to pick 10 pairings because I have so many different kinds of ships, not all of these are by any means my ultimate OTPs or listed in any order but yeah…just kind of went with the first ones i thought of!! 

Pick your top ten OTP’s without reading the questions.

  1. Jean/Armin
  2. Ira/Mako
  3. Soul/Maka
  4. Sinbad/Ja’far
  5. Mello/Near
  6. Takasugi/Kamui
  7. Rider/Waver
  8. Imaizumi/Naruko
  9. Kagami/Kuroko
  10. Killua/Gon

Ami’s gonna cry on me that i didn’t put HaruRin I’M SORRY LMFAO I ACTUALLY DO SHIP THEM A LOT THO!!! IDK WHY I DIDN’T PUT THEM TBH….

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Hello guys! I’m opening emergency commissions since I got hit with a very scary medical bill yesterday;;
Taking three slots for now, first-come, first-serve with no waiting list to make things fair, but I’ll update as soon as I’m open again! 

☆ Commission info and prices here ☆

1. portrait - kusuriuri
3. —-

update jk all the spots are full but still go look at his art yeeeee

Anonymous Asked:Have you made any tutorials about how you draw yet? If not you totally should. I love the way your draw your eyes and hands and wanted to try in your style but I can't figure out how (ah, I hope that doesn't bother you, I just really like your art!)

ahhh not recently!! i made a couple (x x) on my coloring process (which are pretty old/outdated) and i did a half-assed walkthrough of how i draw profiles (x) but other than that i haven’t yet made any tutorials… 

I’m open to the idea of drawing one up in the future but it’s very time consuming and I’m not very good at explaining things… I’m hoping the longer I put it off the more likely I’ll actually have the understanding to explain how i do what i do! though I also believe style is something everyone should figure out for themselves!

magician boy protagonist… he was supposed to look brave/excited but I think I might have accidentally made him look too cool and almost slightly wicked whoops
lately i leave everything i draw half finished but at least i tried right? #melly doodles #oc #he has no name yet
naoapple Asked:its very hard to do random doodle when it takes so long to do them and then they end up as wips D': what do you think i should do?

don’t worry so much about finishing things! it’s good to doodle just for the fun of it and the practice. for everything that I post there are about five or ten things i started and deleted or threw away or just never finished. unless you are aiming to be pro (and even then i think it’s still ok) you should just draw for your own satisfaction! if it stops being fun or you get bored or you run out of time, just stop. you can always resume later if you want to, but you don’t have to. don’t worry so much about the finished product, just focus on drawing and enjoying the process. eventually your speed will increase with more practice anyway!

Anonymous Asked:i just reached the bottom of your blog o.o


Anonymous Asked:your art and your blog are great! i love spending my time here ; v ; <3

wahh thank you, I’m glad!!!

Anonymous Asked:ah!!! i love your art!~ it's inspired me to draw more, so thank you!!!

Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear it ;__; wahH sorry it took me so long to respond to this LMAO but really thank you!!!

Anonymous Asked:Hi!! umm sorry, I was wondering if you could post a picture of the pen you used to make the drawing on the right? Your lines just look very sharp and nothing is messy and I just really like how it paints;; sorry and thank you so much, have a wonderful day!!

It’s this pen right here! It’s not especially fancy, but it does have a very soothing feel when writing/drawing. I need to go back and buy more, I’ve lost all of mine weeps!!!

Anonymous Asked:i'm not sure if youve answered this before, but are we allowed to use your art as an icon if we credit you?

yes, you may! thank you for asking

i feel like nothing I draw lately is worth uploading but it&#8217;s better than not posting at all I guess! #geo's younger brother dino #who is 10 canonically but i drew him as an 18 yo for fun too #dino #hockey homos #melly doodles
playing around with style for some character concept art stuff
been thinking a lot about a small project involving two very different magician boys and the tale of their intertwining paths #not that any of my projects come to fruition but #melly doodles #also my tablets pissing me off today and keeps turning itself off so im not in the mood to draw anything serious
jerrie-portman Asked:I fell in love with your art immediately and was wondering about your style? Like, uhm, what your inspiration source was or just things you tend to like?

Thank you so much!! I have so many inspiration sources jgjdhnjbj lays down there are so many artists I really love both professional and indie!!

I think some artists who have definitely sparked my venture into finding my own style would be niwatori, nakamura asumiko, sahara mizu/sumomo yumeka, and nao tsukiji as well as animation studios like kyoani and ghibli !! BUT TONS OF OTHERS!!! I need to make an inspiration masterpost or something (along with that FAQ ugh so lazy…)

Anonymous Asked:Hello ! I am sure you've gotten this question so much so I'm sorry !! But I was wondering what brushes you use in SAI ?

here are my brush settings !! no worries ahaha honestly they can be hard to find without asking WEEPS I need to make an FAQ but I’m so lazy o<-<

Anonymous Asked:When you start drawing a character, do you draw their eyes first or hair or what?

oh this is older whoops SORRY FOR NOT ANSWERING SOONER!! umm LMFAO IT REALLY DEPENDS I’M KIND OF ALL OVER THE PLACE… I often start with the neck and shoulders and then draw a vague circle for the head, other times it’s the other way around. When drawing a face I usually start with the nose if it’s 3/4 or profile, or with the eyes if it’s straight-on, then add the other features and hair is actually usually last!! My method of putting faces and bodies together is actually pretty slapdash and inconsistent ueheuhe sorry ;;