maki-chaaaaaan cosplay test for anirevo!! see u in canadaa~
LIFE UPDATE: sorry I keep putting off everything I say I’m going to do…my work schedule has exhausted me and I much needed to play this weekend;; BUT TOMORROW I HAVE A DAY OFF SO i will do the things and if I don’t I must do 1k pushups to atone #makishima yuusuke #maki-chwaaan ^___^ #yowapeda #cosplay #gross #kimo #it me
tasuket2e #aoyagi hajime #teshima junta #yowamushi pedal #yowapeda #t2 #melly doodles #fanart #farewell planet earth #ps sry i got nothing done this weekend i......forgot it was jpop festival LMAO SO I WASNT HOME AT ALL;;
good morning! have some tomo for breakfast #im rly into mob hands lately #tomomi #dahlia #melly doodles #today i will make AX post and work on my online shop and answer asks weeps im gonna try


well this one’s not too terribly nsfw but like still kinda oops #been tryna draaw more grown up stuff!!!!!! #BURSTS INTO TEARS #keisuke #nsfw #???????????????
#emofuri #kanako #the last one is my favorite wtf so cute cries #LAUGHS I USED A SCARF INSTEAD OF BOOB JIGGLE because kana has no boobs #oc
#maybe gonna cel shade next time i was overly ambitious with the soft shading LMFAO.... #idk how people make these look so nice it was literally a horror scene 90 percent of the time when i tested the animations #emofuri #cato
all i draw is headshots whoops
really loving the Tokyo Ghoul manga ehehe #the anime drew me in but its the manga thats rly winning my heart #tokyo ghoul #kaneki #melly doodles #fanart
Anonymous Asked:I'm really curious about you, is it alright if I ask you questions (like a lot) * V *; ?

ummm sure I don’t see why not!! what exactly would you like to know *___* ;;

god help me i love little boys #T2 #yowapeda #aoyagi hajime #teshima junta #bye #byeeeeeeee #fanart #melly doodles
Now that AX is over I can finally post this!
I can’t believe I was able to finish it screams… it ended up looking really nice printed…!! I’m happy that it did so well at the con but I wish I could have taken home a copy for myself—will be printing more soon though for online shop so stay tuned!!  #Thank you everyone at AX who bought one and who came by to see my Illumi cosplay and/or show me your HxH cosplays!! #hunter x hunter #hxh #melly doodles #fanart #AX write-up coming soon #also gonna answer asks later!!

but im dead so later ya bye

Anonymous Asked:Hi Melly * U *! It was really nice meeting you today at AX, I forgot to mention that I love your cosplay of Tharja (I was a bit nervous going up to you haha)! Thank you for the prints by the way! I'll treasure them forever * V *.

WAHH it was nice to meet you too and thank you for the candy (if this is the tootsie roll candy anon from DA)!! I’m happy you like the prints wah hope you have a lot of fun this con!!

Anonymous Asked:Hey Melly, I'm coming to AX tommorrow! I'm bringing you some candy * V * <3!

ahhh surprise candy anon *____* I look forward to it!! I’m going to the Fire Emblem meetup at 11am so try to comee at least an hr after that just in case or i might not be there ;___; ////

Anonymous Asked:Omg you're going as tharja?? She's my fave chara * U * !! I can't wait to see you!! Btw what are you selling at AX (and what prices) ; U ;?

Yes I will be Tharja on friday!! *__* I’m so excited too i hope it looks good LMAO;; shes my fav too

I’m mostly selling tabloids and I have one postcard as well. I’m not sure about pricing yet but last year I believe most of us did $15 for one tabloid (or 2 for $20) !!

Anonymous Asked:since you're cosplaying, do you mind sharing pics of your cosplay (photoshoots or something)? I understand if you don't want too, though. good luck for your next cosplays!

I’ll try to take pictures at the con!! I don’t have any pics yet tho ; o ;