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Anonymous Asked:hi !! could i use your art on my blog if i gave credit??

ahh depends what for!! I’d ask you not to repost it or edit it *__* but if its just as a background or icon or header/sidebar pic I totally don’t mind! Thank you for aksing

Anonymous Asked:even tho ur not tabling at ar can I still ask u to sign my stuff...

omg…..i don’t see why not….if you can find me ;;))))

Anonymous Asked:The problem is, how do you approach artists you admire?

Just say hi *___* or compliment their work if you like it or something!!

Artists are…honestly just regular people LOL;; regardless of skill level everyone’s on the same ground.¬†I think the most important thing is to treat the people you admire like normal people, at least in my case I don’t like feeling like I’m not on equal ground with people *___*

if youre nice and your feelings are earnest enough anyone will probably like you just fine… but not everyone is looking to make new friends, keep that in mind and don’t take offense!

Anonymous Asked:omg mel do you know japanese? where did you learn it?

L-LOOOL NOOO not really ; o ; I studied it for a year in school and now just study on my own;; I’m hardly proficient… I’m just a huge weaboo and yell out phrases that are commonly used in anime LOL;;

Anonymous Asked:omg you have some of the cutest anons ever! Not only do you make originally beautiful art, but you are a genuinely nice person. Keep it up sweety! < 33

THEY’RE SO CUTE AND SWEET I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF YOU ;; ///// and thank you so much ;____; wah

Anonymous Asked:Hi, Melly. Just wanted to say I find your art inspiring and full of unique style! And also wanted to ask when your birthday is? :)

Ahh hi anon! Thank you very very much ;_____; i’m floored with happiness wtf///

My birthday is Feb 20!!

zeooo Asked:Whats your instagram? :)

it’s dittochu!

Anonymous Asked:You have a lot of clothes holy shit

OMG LOL yeah I do;; I really love clothes…when i used to work in apparel I bought way too many ;;;

Anonymous Asked:I just made an art blog and my art gets 0 notes, i know that Im good at art but how do i get noticed? What did you do?

Umm! Well first off let me say that getting notes is not the most important thing in the world ;; I used to think that way when I was a kid, and maybe some people never grow out of that way of thinking but honestly the more notes you get the less you really care about that kinda stuff, at least that’s how I feel.

What’s really fun about the tumblr art community (and twitter too, which is where i spend most of my time now, I honestly recommend it over tumblr;;) is meeting other artists and sharing your stuff with each other and getting to know them and getting inspired by each other etc etc!

I understand that having people look at your art is important and it feels really good when you feel your creation having an impact on someone else. Tag your stuff so that like minded people who enjoy what you’re making will see it! Also reach out to other artists: ‘like’, ‘reblog’, ‘retweet’, and ‘reply’ to their stuff and let them know you appreciate what they’re doing too! If you reach out to others with sincerity, they will reach out to you.

Eventually when you get involved in the community the notes will start coming, and more importantly, you’ll make friends that make your time here much more worthwhile!!

Anonymous Asked:Hey!! I was just wondering, when you make a print, what is the size of the canvas? Thanks! Btw I love your art because the style is so different and it makes it really special!

Usually my prints are 11”x17” (plus bleed) at 300dpi !!

Thank you so much ;___; thats one of the best things you could ever say to me, because I think it’s probably every artist’s dream to have their style be recognizable as their own and become something that truly reflects them! So thank you a lot ///

Anonymous Asked:What do you think of pitou from hunter x hunter?

I love her/it/them *____* ///// such a cute design, and such an interesting character. There are few hxh characters that I don’t love though LOL ;;

Anonymous Asked:c-check your askfm??

omfg….I forgot I had one…i haven’t checked in months… I’ll try to go over there soon gomen ;;

Anonymous Asked:heey mel how you doin? do you ship eruri?

LMAOOOO HI ANON I’M DOING OKAY I’m a little hungry and I’m at my dads in socal right now and the air conditioner is broken…..mazui….. but otherwise I’m good and happy to be on vacation!!

LOL ERURI IS ALL WELL AND GOOD I do enjoy it!! The only snk ship that really matters to me is jearmin/janaru, but anything else I can enjoy too! I’m not very picky…

Anonymous Asked:hi mel! may i ask you how did you learn to draw? did you attend a art high school or you're self-taught? if you're self-taught how the hell did you learn because it looks impossible to me /cries

I haven’t gone to any art school unfortunately ;____; I have just been drawing for a very very long time. Art school is a valuable resource and is very helpful for people who have trouble organizing themselves and setting their own training regimen (aka me, I strug so hard to get motivated to learn on my own…) but honestly anyone can learn to draw with enough motivation! The internet is full of resources if you are willing to look for them and use them to your benefit. If you draw and study every single day for the next 5 years I’m sure you would easily go miles and miles beyond me ^___^