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ok the most random question ever but

if I ever made an original BL doujinshi (probably fluff/soft but with me who knows) and had it printed, would that be something you guys would ever be interested in purchasing? And what would an acceptable price for something like that even be?

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  1. skiski25 answered: Oh I love your art so much I would loooove to have a BL doujinshi by you! Whaa! >//<
  2. tshuki answered: When I get a job, yes! Totally. Price.. 3-5$ for 40 page B&W would be affordable.. I think.
  3. dulcetly answered: YES OF COURSE and probably at any price below $20 heheh but it really depends on the number of pages and the printing quality!
  4. memera answered: Doujins are usually $7 (600yen) for thin booklets, so I guess it depends on the number of pages? ^^
  5. nekuri answered: if im able to, i would love to buy it! // your beautiful art *q*
  6. yokaiprince answered: omg omg omg yesssss!!!! and i think a good price would be round 10-15 or more but under 20
  7. a0ba-remade answered: If I was able to, I would purchase.
  8. awkipino answered: ohgosh that would be extremely awesome *7* and yeah, like most others are saying $10-15 is the usual :o
  9. dusadelight answered: yes, pleaseee *_* not sure on price though. Depends on size, pages, and if it were in color.
  10. lovelydead answered: you should ask ame about booklets cuz i think she’s printed quite a few before! price for me depends on how many pages ;v;
  11. bflatmajor answered: aaah, i would definitely be interested~! depending on the page #s i’d say around $10~$15 maybe?
  12. sundayyys answered: yes yes yes and acceptable price maybe between 10 and 15 $$?
  13. catjoshi answered: ME. as for pricing idk but I would buy it.
  14. eroten answered: ;A ; Please do it~! BL is always appreciated!! I think price depends on how long you’re going to make it + quality of
  15. lavitaacolori answered: Yes! I usually see dousing going be 7-20, depending on length and if its entirely in color, etc. Good luck!
  16. marimobara answered: Omg, of course./////// That would be so cool!! Q 7 Q)9
  17. princepsquid answered: Definitely! I think a price around.. $20? I have no idea, I’ve never actually bought comics or doujin before orzz
  18. zombiedaisuke answered: I would buy it!
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